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Going Campin'

2012-10-12 13:33:24 by Pride

Starting in 4 hours. Paintballing, rock-climbing, Skateboarding and some good old fashioned Christian bible lectures (cause it's a Christian camp retreat).

Anyway, I'll be gone for four days.

I'll probably be with a little to no internet access, so in the meantime stay classy.

Going Campin'


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2012-10-22 12:31:05

awesome :D

Pride responds:

It was pretty tight. I mainly went for the sports and outdoorsy stuff.

Also, some asshole tried to use frozen paint-balls during a game. Luckily the idiot's gun got stuck :p


2012-10-29 23:39:17

Reposted from King-Duckford's page:

Son, you missed the point entirely. Who cares if Newgrounds becomes popular with a bunch of 13 year old sprite fans, or with lonely internet dependents like yourself, it may be good from a business standpoint, but not a functional one. Newgrounds isn't fun anymore, Newgrounds isn't original anymore, Newgrounds is not cutting edge anymore, Newgrounds isn't culturally relevant, ect. Its getting the hits to make the advertisers happy, but its driven away the people who actually enjoy coming here, and destroyed the independent nature of good, original flashwork.

Flash works are at the worst ever. The number of submits is way, way down, and the ones that are here are often "test" and low quality sprite flashes, and not full, true works. When Flash 5 was the shit back in the day, like way back in 2001, the portal had a much higher rate of good flashes, and now that anybody can do it, its just a bunch of quickly done work with very little effort.

The mods have torched harsh comments, which leads to people only getting good reviews, and now everybody is happy with mediocre flash. Nobody wants to improve, the remaining artists here just want to be rewarded and hailed for their poor works, and receive endless amounts of praise. Back in the day, when people got the full brunt, they had a fire under their ass to do better. Now, they coddle lazy, poor work, and that's what we get.

How many artists come here to divert traffic to Youtube accounts? How many people come here with their friends and try mob vote their way to internet fame? How many people show up and downvote good flash to push gamer and sprite flash? The old harsh climate here helped to keep these people out, as well as force artists to strive higher. Now, its an enviroment that boosts these kind of people, who stomp down good flash, promote awful flash, and end up convincing good flash makers who don't make clique flashes that this is not the place for new and innovative works.

I really get a kick out of some kid, who's account is just 8 months old, coming in to tell me, or Star Syndicate members, what Newgrounds is. You've hardly beena round this place, you know nothing. I've been coming here before there was even a portal, and now I can here newbs tell me what makes this site great.

Pride responds:

Reposted from King-Duckford's page:

If anything Newgrounds is on the uprise, and the upcoming redesign will most likely increase site traffic exponentially.

I fail to see your correlation between the recent clean-up process (which pertains to abusive/stolen/pornographic submissions) and "Newgrounds' alleged downfall". If anything New Authors are now trying harder to improve their work and be recognized, I personally believe this place is still as lively as ever (many awesome flashes have been produced this year and the BBS is still extremely popular).

On the Subject of Spam: As long as Spam does not break the rules Outlined in FAQ, I could give less of a shit. If an Author includes inappropiate material in a Spam Submission that is a different story.


2012-11-13 09:13:28

your a sin

Pride responds:

The more you know!



2012-11-28 23:27:12


(Updated ) Pride responds:

No! (>_<)


2012-12-21 17:58:51

Happy Age of Aquarius everyone!

Pride responds:



2013-12-17 09:24:44


Pride responds:

The issue will be decided by plebiscite.


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2016-06-20 00:50:17

Your username is great dude.