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2011-07-08 03:17:19 by Pride

There are often numerous questions posed about the Flash/Video Portal (i.e. what can be submitted; what should I do if something is stolen; what are good programs to use; etc.).

So basically I figured that I would provide a mini guide about the flash portal for beginners; most of this info is already outined in FAQ (but many people don't read it :C).


Part 1: Making Flash/Games/Videos

* First off it's important to know that NewGrounds only only accepts movies in SWF format.
If you're an aspiring game/movie/flash designer and you want to learn what programs you should use, vist the Creators-Resources Page.

* Generally, most Authors include Flash Ads in their work to build revenue. If this interests you, then you should consider visiting the Flash Ads Page (if you encounter problems setting up Flash Ads, then you should contact the site admin psychogoldfish)

* Don't forget to also include NG-Pre-Loader (which adds a little finesse to your flash) :O :O :O

Part 2: Voting on Flash

* Voting on flash is a good way to let the Author know how he did; here is a quick pic-guide on how to vote on a flash (also known as gaining Experience) [pic provided by Malachy]

* It is strongly encouraged that you vote fairly on flash! The best way to keep out Junk Submissions is to give them blam points, your voting habits impact what enters and exits the Newgrounds' Portal. For a good read on how to have "Good Voting Habits", take a look at this thread.

Part 3: About Spam and How to reduce it

* Spam Submissions are generally frowned upon, but they are listed as an official category of submissions (so don't flag them unless they break one of the rules outlined in FAQ).

* Generally many of these Spam Authors create Spam in order to incite negative reviews from Portal Viewers. Usually Spammers do this so that they can flag the review as abusive (i.e. if someone left a "Rage Review" on a Hateful/Stupid Submission") or to just get a chuckle from a dumb comment.
In my opinion it's better to actually just give a junk Submission a blam point, rather than even give the Spam Artist attention by leaving a review. [Don't feed the trolls]

Part 4: Whistling/Flagging Stolen/Unsuitable/Malicious Submissions

* Submissions that you didn't make should not be uploaded (even if the alleged author gave you permission to upload it) : /

* If you're interested in learning how to identify flaggable submissions take a look at my previous guide(mainly because I'm not going to write out all this shit twice).

* If a Stolen/Malicious/Unsuitable Submission passes judgement you should send a portal mod or Wade a pm; here is a sample of how you should construct your pm [sample provided by Jolly].

* If you notice a "Submission Under Judgment" that you think is flaggable consider making a post about it on either Elite Guard Barracks' or Newgrounds' Police Departments'Thread.

Anyway, that's about all I can think of.

Suggestions, complaints, questions, and comments are welcome :P

TLDR: Hurray!


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